Thursday 16th November 2017

4473 Sunset Drive
Los Angeles
United States

The BUG Bowie Special is a celebration of David Bowie’s work in the form of a personalised ramble through some of my favourite Bowie music videos.

If you haven’t been to a BUG show before here’s what to expect: me on stage playing videos from my laptop which are projected onto a screen. I introduce each video and talk about it. Some of the videos are played in full. Some are shorter clips. Sometimes I read out on line comments that people have left about the videos. I also play a few videos I’ve made or have had specially animated. There’s some brief humorous singing.

The BUG Bowie Special is a hugely expanded version of a show I did originally in 2013 at the Bowie V&A exhibition in London. That show was about 45 minutes. This show will be about 2 hours. The BUG Bowie Special features some Bowie related material (about ‘Where Are We Now’, ‘Let’s Dance’ and ‘Warszawa’ that appeared in some of my live shows and on TV between 2013-16)

I’m very excited to be bringing the show to LA and I hope you can come along. Psychodelicate girls, metal faced boys and all others will be warmly welcomed.

love Adam