Posted: 23rd March 2016

Here are a couple of podcasts featuring Joe 'Cornballs' Cornish. In the first, Joe and I acclimatize to talking to eachother in a different format (ie, not on the BBC on a Saturday morning). As well as providing a critical sounding board for some of my stand up material, Joe frustrates my efforts to get Hollywood gossip out of him, denying me access to 'The Doodle Story' (it's really not all that, trust me). He also gives me a run down of some of his TV and film highlights from 2015.

Podcast 12 was the 2015 Adam & Joe Christmas Special and was much more along the lines of the kind of Christmas shows we used to do when we were on 6 Music, with Joe and I exchanging gifts, reading out messages from listeners (thanks for all those by the way) and getting a little hysterical. If you do end up watching the whole of Thundercrack can you refrain from sending me angry messages about how I've ruined your life? I'd say you were warned pretty extensively in the podcast!

OTHER WAYS TO GET THE PODCAST = ACAST APP ON ANDROID ACAST APP ON ITUNES DOWNLOAD MP3 FROM SOUNDCLOUD BAAADDAD = These podcasts were recorded around the time my father died. Thanks for all the very kind messages of condolence (CONDOLENC!) No need to leave any more, much as I've appreciated them. I miss him and I think about him all the time but life insists on continuing, at least for time being. Love you bye.