Adam talks with stand up comedian and radio presenter John Robins about dealing with celebrity encounters, Nectar points and double act power dynamics.

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Thanks to Matt Lamont for additional editing and Seamus Murphy-Mitchell for production support.


Submitted by: Sean   3 years 9 months ago

I'm noticing the subject of double act insecurity/bitterness becoming a theme in your podcasts Buckles! I wonder if is common to all double act halves or if you just keep getting the second stringers...I'm only kidding, you, scroob and John Robins are my favourite in all of your respective partnerships (although please don't tell Joe because I don't take scorn very well).

Just wanted you to know that yours was my favourite part of the double act (I like silly things).

Love the new pocasts, keep them coming.

Love you, bye!!!

Submitted by: Sarah   3 years 11 months ago

Maaaaayte I thought these things were private and you had to approve them.

Submitted by: Wilker   3 years 12 months ago

Hey can you have the music play for longer at the end as I like a nice little jiggle when you finish and it's eases you out nicely. Xxx

Submitted by: robbiedoo   3 years 12 months ago

Thanks! great podcast

Submitted by: Robert Penney   4 years 3 hours ago

In each episode Adam comes across like a friend, a fan and an interviewer all at once. It makes me revisit the back catalogue continuously when awaiting new episodes!

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