Adam talks to Toast Of London (and all the other stuff) star Matt Berry about music, art school, Dark Place, Vic & Bob, The I.T. Crowd, Clem Fandango, the art of voice overs and more.

Plus some podcast recommendations and details of how to contribute to the Adam & Joe live event on 15th December 2016 at the BFI Southbank.

If you'd like to contribute visit: adam-buxton.co.uk

Bill Paxton doesn't blow up with Vasquez in the vent. That's Gorman. Bill gets dragged through the floor. (Thanks @thomaslbenfield)

Thanks to Seamus Murphy-Mitchell for production support.

Thanks to Dan Hawkins (danhawkinsbass.com) for playing on the jingle at 11.15 ish.


Submitted by: David   3 years 6 months ago

Adam Buxton! These podcasts are great! They're genuinely the absolute highlight of my podcast listening... and I listen to This American Life! Really hope there will be more soon.

Submitted by: Chris Mackenzie   3 years 7 months ago

This was frickin great. It's rare to have the opportunity to learn about the real Matt Berry. I hope he's back on the screen again soon. I miss Toast already! It would be insanely cool if you guys did some writing together. BRING BACK MEEBOX (most underrated sketch show ever)!

Submitted by: Jim   3 years 7 months ago

I very much enjoyed this podcast, as well as some of the older ones, whilst sitting through a compulsory 5 hour driving lesson in Korea. I have found that your podcasts are perfect for sitting through compulsory 5 hour driving lessons in other languages, and I would recommend that anybody else who finds themself having to sit through a compulsory 5 hour driving lesson consider taking a few of your podcasts along.

Just to be clear, this was a classroom lesson. Listening to podcasts during a compulsory 5 hour driving lesson that was in a moving car would be a bit too reckless for me.


Keep up the good work.

Submitted by: Clem West (or Papa Dooku or Facecloth Pi or Pelvis McQueen)   3 years 7 months ago

Great podcast as always Dr Buckules! (Always wanted to hear it pronounced "boo-koo-leth", ethpañol style)

Made me want to watch that episode of Toast with Josh Homme again!

Here's a humble music recommendation for thee :
RICHARD DAWSON, Geordie freak-folk weirdo with a broken guitar.
All tracks that I know of are good, check out "The Vile Stuff", "Wooden Bag", "Final Moments of the Universe" and "Judas Iscariot" if at all possible.

The oriental style at times remind me of Jonny's recent album, I think the Indian style of devotional music is the same!

This comment is getting way too long. My love for your podcast and all that you produce is just pouring out. Keep up the good work.

Submitted by: paul fuller   3 years 7 months ago

thanks for keeping me entertainerised during stacking of huge amount of CDs into lovely new (antique) sideboard... and previously during decorating marathon, sickness, health and abject laziness

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