EP.34 - ADAM & JOE XMAS 2016

(Mainly) festive waffles from Adam & Joe including a few bits from their recent 20th anniversary live show at the BFI Southbank.

Watch the jingle videos at adam-buxton.co.uk

Thanks to Seamus Murphy-Mitchell for production support.

Happy Christmas and all the best for 2017!


Submitted by: Stuart Wailing   2 years 8 months ago

If you go to the transcribed Shooby Taylor page, Google asks if you want to translate it. If you click yes it actually has a go. You can see what Shooby was actually trying to say!

Submitted by: Andy   2 years 10 months ago

Hi, really like your podcast. Looking forward to the next one. You choose good interviewees. Currently listening to Kathy Burke episode. She's great. Would you consider giving someone else the mic for an episode, (Louis Theroux?), and having him interview you? I think that would be a very interesting episode.

Submitted by: Chris   2 years 11 months ago

Mr Buxton I dearly hope this isn't the final installment of the podcast series, it's been such a pleasure having you as a companion on my many travels last year.
It must take alot of time to produce these each month. Perhaps sometimes it feels the reward isn't worth the investment? I know when I used to blog there was nothing more welcome than a positive comment, and it burdens me none taking the time to say just how wonderful I think your podcast is, and inform you that checking for new content on your site is the first thing I do online.

Regardless of podcast shenanigans I wish you all the best for all future projects.

Submitted by: CandyMcsays   2 years 11 months ago

Christmas was aaaaages ago. When's the next one? Can't wait :)

Submitted by: Simon Moore   2 years 11 months ago

Hi Adam, just a quick note to say thanks for some really imaginative and fun broadcasting. Perhaps it's an age thing (I was born in '68) but I feel you have such a good angle and view on this life and time we live in and it's wonderful having someone to listen to who I can relate to. I check in regularly to see if there's something new on the Podcast channel and have enjoyed everything to date (apart from the chat with the Sally - not your fault but I found her a little tense). The most recent chat with Joe was top bananas and Joe's films tips were excellent - we're slowly working through them and have enjoyed them thoroughly. Could you two put your heads together on a more regular basis and recommend some more great films as they emerge?

Anyway I'm sure you must be deluged with correspondence so thanks again for all your entertaining and excellent work and look forward to the next chat.

Best wishes,

Simon & Candida (Devon & Oxford listeners).

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