Adam talks to Zadie Smith (author of White Teeth, NW and Swing Time) about life in New York city, rudeness, John Lennon, David Foster Wallace, mother and daughters and other important waffle topics.

Music and jingles by Adam Buxton.

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Submitted by: Simon   2 years 8 months ago

@tom Good shout. I never thought of that (despite it being a pretty obvious comparison)... Can the good Dr B clear it up?

Submitted by: Jason   2 years 8 months ago

Enjoyed this one a lot whilst decorating my daughter's bedroom. Makes total sense that Hip Hop is the only thing capable of staving off the lugubriosity of our impending oblivion.

Submitted by: tom   2 years 9 months ago

@Simon, I've always assumed the my wife thing to be from Pappa Lazarou,league of gentlemen

Submitted by: tom   2 years 9 months ago

I want the ramble chat music as a full track.

No, actually, I don't want it, I NEED IT.

Dr B, stop playing around with a 5 second taster, I want the full song, with not less than 5 mins of it.

it's catchy, I'm hooked, I must have it. don't let me down. pease.

Submitted by: Simon   2 years 9 months ago


This has nothing to to with the podcast with Zadie, very good as it was.

I've got nowhere else to ask this question, so here seems as good as anywhere...

Adam - Have you seen the US TV show "Crashing" with Pete Holmes?

In an early episode (either the pilot or EP1) he is performing on stage and mentions his wife in a bit he's doing.

Someone in the crowd immediately echoes it with "MY WIFE" in that way you do upon mentioning your wife.

I wanted to ask if this was... In homage to yourself?... Provided by yourself?... Did you know about it?... Did you even coin the call-back?


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