Adam talks to Irish writer, and actor Sharon Horgan about Motherland, Catastrophe, Carrie Fisher, Divorce, nice smells and sexy massages.

Music and jingles by Adam Buxton

Thanks to Seamus Murphy Mitchel for production support and to Matt Lamont for convo editing.


Submitted by: Vincent Goodman   2 years 7 months ago

Hello Adam Buxton Comedian Man
I have recently had problems downloading your podcast on Itunes, and am wondering is it just me, or are other subscribers having this issue?

Please let me know thanks

Submitted by: John Enright   2 years 7 months ago

Hey Adam,
Loved this episode. Thought you revealed a rarely heard bold streak in your teasing of Sharon over the New Yorker article. Audible squirming, lousy, but very funny. She is a very good sport.
Very different episode to Rob Delaney's, which was also great but for very different reasons (read his book over the weekend, lots of chuckles).
Enjoy the break from podcasting, cannot wait for the new episodes. BYEEEE.

Submitted by: David   2 years 7 months ago

Hi Adam

I've listened to about half a dozen of your podcasts in the last couple of days and can't remember which one it was where you spoke about Michael Kiwanuka but I just wanted to recommend an episode of the Song Exploder podcast where they take apart his song "Black Man in a White World" and piece it back together explaining how it was created. Interesting perspective on all the work and self-doubt behind the perfect finished project.


Submitted by: Paul Fourmy   2 years 7 months ago

Hi Adam, I'm a latecomer to your podcasts but am now an avid fanboy! I'm working my way through from the beginning and it's opened my eyes to loads of books, documentaries and music that I wasn't aware of. Great stuff dude x

Submitted by: Jen   2 years 7 months ago

Happy birthday Adam! It's also my birthday which I think is pretty rad as I'm an avid podcat! So glad you finally got to chat to Sharon I think she's bloody brilliant. And I'm glad she likes her new office as my partner made some furniture for it! Look forward to the next ramblechat, as always, it'll be worth the wait. Thanks for the great show and hope you've had a lovely day! X

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