Britt Daniel, Jim Eno and Alex Fischel from Spoon join Adam for rambly conversation and specially recorded performances of 3 Spoon songs, plus a previously unheard Bowie cover.

See Adam support Spoon at Manchester Gorilla, 27th June and Glasgow Art School on 28th June. Spoon play Kentish Town Forum (minus Buckles!) on Friday 30th June.

Details on my blog: adam-buxton.co.uk


Submitted by: Tony   2 years 5 months ago

A wonderful podcast as always, and the Spoon/Bowie cover is beautiful... I didn't cry, it's hay-fever!
Thanks for making my day. Take care Mr. Tx

Submitted by: Jennifer Ryan   2 years 6 months ago

Hello Adam! I thoroughly enjoyed this episode with Spoon. Lovely work! My husband and I listen to your podcast with our 3-year-old son who loves all of your songs and jingles and sings along to them making up his own lyrics. I'd love you to hear him doing it, but I can't find a bloomin' email address to send my sneaky recording to. Of course we think he's hilarious because we are silly parents who think all of his attempts at everything are the best things ever.

Submitted by: Robin   2 years 6 months ago

Not sure if Adam reads these comments, busy jet-setter that he surely is, but on the off-chance...

I’ve just caught up on your last few podcasts and I thought I’d write a note to say how much I enjoy them. Being an old member of slack squadron, and a podcat and quartermaster from the very start of these podcasts, I’ve been listening a while and they never fail to either entertain or educate me. Cases in point from the last few:
I’m totally ignorant of Spoon’s work, but I loved the songs. Great voice and a great sound. I’ll be checking out their back catalogue.
Brilliant to hear Edgar Wright. I love his stuff, his directorial style from Spaced on through all his films, and I’ll forever be grateful that he didn’t mess up ‘Scott Pilgrim’. I was lucky enough to be one of the sound crew on ‘Shaun of the Dead’ – it’s a shame to hear that he found it hard as I just remember how much fun I had at work every day. Loved it. Unfortunately we haven’t worked with him since due to scheduling issues (and no, we weren’t any of the doubting voices!)... but your interview reminded me that we were also the sound crew on one of YOUR acting outings, ‘Stardust’. Since the ghost unit was shot at a later time than the main shoot, we were once again busy on another film and our paths didn’t cross. Similarly, we were busy when approached to do ‘Attack the Block’, so I missed the chance to work with Joe there. A couple of near misses... but we went on many years later to win the Oscar for the sound on ‘Les Miserables’. Coincidence? You decide.

Being a smidgen over 40 now, I find myself getting more emotional about things, too. Hence this entire note; I just felt compelled to write something.

Anyway, I’m rambling. Just wanted to say, y’know, keep up the good work.

Submitted by: Graeme   2 years 7 months ago

Hello Adam, I am thoroughly enjoying the podcasts but feel they perhaps lack a mirth warning, in addition to the traditional adult content warnings.

For example, I was listening to an earlier Adam and Joe Christmas special podcast in the gym and had to stop my session on the weights because I was literally and repeatedly laughing out loud.

A warning would have helped avoid this embarrassment.

However, the ordeal was not over. In fact, the gym embarrassment got worse. I chose a more appropriate podcast (the excellent Marc Riley interview) and moved into another room to lift some baby weights as I am somewhat weedy.

A woman in the same room was looking at me strangely and informed me after a few minutes that I was in the lady gym, the part of the gym exclusively reserved for females.

Thankfully the look of sheer horror meant I wasn't called out as a pervert. But still, not the experience I usually get while listening to the podcast.

Submitted by: Doyler   2 years 7 months ago

Great podcast
'The Underdog' reminds me of Phil Lynott/Thin Lizzy - particularly 'Dancing in the Moonlight' or 'Old Town' (for the trumpet)

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