Adam Buxton talks to director Garth Jennings about how his new animated feature is going, in-law stress, how he started himself on the road to his dream career, and the joy of Toy Story.

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Adam on Twitter: @AdamBuxton

'When She Loved Me' sung by Sarah McLachlan (from 'Toy Story 2' 1999)

'The Deadly Seven' by Garth Jennings, reviewed by readers: http://www.lovereading4kids.co.uk/book/10669/The-Deadly-Seven-by-Garth-J...

Podcast music/jingles by Adam Buxton except outro music bed from 'Wario’s Woods' game (Dr Buckles remix. Music composed by Shinobu Amayake, Soyo Oka, 1994)


Submitted by: James   3 years 4 months ago

Okay so I just had to pause this for a minute as I'm listening at work and can't stifle my laughing from the rest of the office! (Got to Garth's clearing of the lemon tart).

Loving the podcasts. Top quality chats and with genuinely interesting and funny people.

I will be spreading the word to all my friends about this place.

Thanks for brightening up a truly miserable weather day.

P.S. I'm totally with you regarding breakfast buffets providing lunch time picnics! Maybe Buffnics?

Submitted by: Robin   3 years 6 months ago

I'm just catching up on your podcasts after years in the 'I don't listen to podcasts' wilderness. Nice one. Always a big fan of yours and Joe's stuff, and lovely to hear Garth on this one. Your sonic style reminds me of my mate Dave - which is a good thing. I dropped into the feature film world kinda by accident myself, so it buoys me no end to hear of both Garth and your own exploits.
It's a silly world, really.
Keep on truckin' (if indeed truckin' involves making radio, podcasts or other media outlets).
I love you. Bye!

Submitted by: Mike Evans   4 years 1 month ago

the podcasts are great Dr Buckles great guests and great ramble chat! this was one of my favourites along with scroobius pip and the lady guest mrs moran wow can she talk fast!

PLEASE PLEASE can you make da ramble chat jingle available as an audio file or mp3 or wotever? it is one of the greatest jingles ever and i want to put it on my phone as a ringtone so perhaps if people hear it they will come and ramblechat to me and it will be a new form of stevenage (long live black squadron) but mainly just because it is an awseome jingle
will there be a new form of stevenage for the ABP?

also what do you call a frenchman who you suspect of going on long walks?


also what do you call a bad french lion tamer?


what do you call a guy who watches films exclusively in the daylight hours and keeps his sliced cured meats in a stream?

David Beckham

what do you call a guy who keeps buying sandwiches with a disappointingly low meat content from a man called Ed? (in a side street)

Mohammed (Ali)

Great work as always Dr Buckles

Submitted by: Jeannie Clarke   4 years 1 month ago

Thank you Miranda Sawyer (In Pod We Trust) for alerting me to Dr. Buckles' podcast! Great work Dr. B. and that 'person' who criticised you in the Jon Ronson ep. is, of course, utterly deluded. I'm so happy to hear you again, only caught two episodes so far, but downloaded the rest. Wonderful, lovely, quirky, funny, hilarious stuff.

Loved hearing Garth's in-law incidents too, what a sweety he is.

Submitted by: Dan C   4 years 1 month ago

I really enjoyed this podcast. Garth seems like a genuinely lovely bloke. I particularly related to the stuff about the computer career guidance. When I was at school I input a load of my personal information into a career computer and the career it chose for me was 'fence erector'. Obviously I found it equally funny and depressing.

Keep up the good work!

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